Jeanne Atherden, JP, MP


Polling Station: West Pembroke Primary School

EMAIL: | 294.3219 | View Candidate Card

Since 2013 Jeanne Atherden, who grew up in Pembroke West, has continued her commitment to address the concerns of Seniors not just in that constituency but throughout the island. She is known for her efforts in building consensus and looking outside the box for solutions for complex health and environmental issues. She believes Bermuda should unite around common goals and values.

Since 2013, MP Jeanne Atherden has been a proven leader in Pembroke West and the community:

- Participated in clean ups which went from West Pembroke School to Admiralty House
- Served as Bermuda delegate to conferences about Commonwealth Parliamentary Associations and Women Parliamentarians
- As Minister of Health and Seniors, she reduced premiums for Standard Health Benefit, Future Care and HIP
- Chaired the Bermuda Health Council

Jeanne will continue to build upon the accomplishments we have seen over the last few years, and bring a renewed focus and fight towards:

- Making the Health System sustainable and reducing health costs
- Introducing benefits and changes which will allow seniors to live at home as long as possible
- Implementing the Aging Well in Bermuda recommendations
- Making the community more senior friendly