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Wayne Scott grew up on Spice Hill Road near Warwick Holiness Church. He has spent his life in Warwick and lives on Ord Road with his wife, Kim. Wayne has two grown daughters. His family also includes former Premier, Alex Scott, the late Deputy Premier, John Irving Pearman and the Speaker of the House, Stanley Lowe. Wayne has spent most of his career working in IT & telecommunications in both Bermuda and the U.S., and has served in senior management positions for the last decade.

Wayne graduated with a bachelor of science degree in computer science from Atlantic Union College in Massachusetts and earned a master’s degree in finance and management in 1997.

He is an avid cyclist and has represented Bermuda at the national level in international competitions in China, Switzerland, Guernsey, Greece and throughout the Caribbean. He competed for several years in the United States as well.

Wayne ran for Parliament in the 2007 general election. During that period, he was successful in creating a playground
on the Warwick Parish field next to the Lorraine Rest Home and worked on other Warwick community projects as well. Wayne has coordinated numerous community meetings, events and get-togethers. He continues to work with area residents on their various needs.

He understands the growing problems that plague Warwick – particularly the economy, education, crime and the challenges facing young people. “These are problems that concern all of us in this very small community. In common with everyone else, the people in Warwick are suffering from the mismanagement of the economy over the last few years. I believe there is a real need for change.

“I joined the One Bermuda Alliance because we are dedicated to putting Bermudians first. I believe our OBA team has the skills, the knowledge, and most importantly, the will to do what is necessary to get Bermuda back on track. The PLP Government’s financial record has been getting worse and worse. Fortunately, the OBA has a strong economic plan to restore confidence, help create jobs through tax incentives for new hires, and stimulate investment. The OBA also has a plan to really reform the public education system, to give our students the skills and training they need to get good jobs and avoid the temptations of drugs and crime”


“I have taken every offered opportunity that has come my way to grow and learn, and now is the time for me to give back to the community….”

During his years growing up in Warwick, Wayne faced and overcame the trials that many of our youth encounter today. Consequently he has a natural affinity for the youth of Bermuda particularly as it relates to leveraging sports and education in their daily lives. He has always asserted that a strong community is tied to generating productive citizens and demonstrating to the “wall sitters” that opportunities await those who choose a different route in life.

The descendant of a long line of politicians, Wayne grew up on Spice Hill Road near Warwick Holiness Church and attended the Bermuda Institute before leaving for college in Massachusetts. There he obtained a BS in Computer Science and then went on to earn an MA in Finance and Management from Webster University.

An avid cyclist who has represented Bermuda at the national level, Wayne spends a considerable amount of time helping seniors with everything from completing government paperwork, to erecting traffic mirrors so that residents can avoid accidents. He's not afraid to roll up his sleeves whether it's writing letters, attending PTA meetings or meeting with Community Beat Officers. Wayne knows how to get results.

Wayne believes that Bermuda is one of the best places in the world and this is part  fate and part design. In speaking with people throughout the community, the concerns that the people of Warwick have include the economy, crime & violence, education, affordable housing and opportunity—the same problems our people face across what he likes to call our "21-square-mile neighborhood". He believes that the future of Warwick and of Bermuda, involves continuing to learn from the mistakes of the past and building on our past successes to move our country ahead.

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