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Alexis Swan grew up in Warwick and has family there still.

Alexis Swan is a young professional woman who wants to help get Bermuda working again. She particularly wants to help young Bermudians find a voice in politics.

After graduation from university in the US in 2008, Alexis came back to Bermuda and joined Colonial Insurance,where she works as a Sales Consultant. She has worked as a volunteer at Harbour Lights, helping recovering addicts improve their reading skills. She has also worked, part time, at the Sunshine League.

Public service has become part of her life, hence her decision to become involved in politics.
“I believe politics should be about uplifting people. I believe it should be about appealing to their best instincts and values in order to build something better. The OBA has creative solutions to address Bermuda’s problems.

“I joined the One Bermuda Alliance because it brings something new to the scene – a new, diverse coalition of Bermudians who really want this country to do well. “I believe in the OBA’s commitment to forming a government based on positive values and principles – such as honesty, transparency, cooperation, selflessness, responsibility and public service. This is the kind of foundation on which we can build real unity and fairness into our daily lives.

“The Progressive Labour Party has saddled my generation with paying back the enormous debt they have built up during the last six years. My generation should be much more involved than they are in making decisions about who should govern Bermudians and how they should spend our money.”


 "As a young Bermudian, I can help build a better Bermuda."

Troubled by the enormous debt the PLP has amassed for her generation to repay, Alexis Swan wants to help young Bermudians find a voice in politics and she's committed to getting Bermuda working again. "I joined the One Bermuda Alliance because it brings something new to the scene—a new diverse coalition of Bermudians who really want this country to do well."

A trailblazer for her generation, Alexis Swan was one of the first female students admitted to Saltus Grammar School. She went on to received a BA in psychology from Alliant International University where she began her career in public service and community activism becoming a key player in student government and a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. She subsequently obtained a Masters in International Business Management at American Intercontinental University in London and is currently a Sales Consultant at Colonial Insurance.

Her commitment to public service followed her back to Bermuda where she has worked as a volunteer at Harbour Lights, helping recovering addicts improve their reading skills. In addition to having worked at Sunshine League, Alexis has volunteered with Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  Most recently she's become Chairperson of the Future Bermuda Alliance, the OBA's youth wing.

"I am honored to work with young dynamic individuals who are putting Bermuda first, ensuring that the voice of young people is not only heard but that young people have an opportunity to play a role in the political process."

Having grown up in Warwick, 'Lexy' credits a strong and enlightened upbringing to her mother, Kuni Frith-Black, her father, Alexander (Alex) Swan, and her grandparents, Charles and Marie Richardson in making her a strong individual. She is ready, able and determined to bring the concerns of the constituents of Warwick South East to the table of a new OBA government.

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